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Throne Hosting LLC is a canadian based company with hosting and domain name selling as her main services. We also have subsidiary sub services and department like web development, apps creation , content creation , SEO optimization , social media marketing , software development, graphics designing.

We pride ourself as an onsite and online working force of a company. We have programmers onsite and online around the globe working steadfastly to bring your ideas to reality at the most affordable prices ever imagined with quality.

We make sure we use the latest cutting edge technologies out there and approach in tackling all our projects and that of our clients and ensure quality services during and after delivery to our clients and customers.

With the availabilty of experienced and good programmers on our team, you have nothing to worry to about but sit back and relax and let us do our thing and make you happy. We are dedicated and friendly professionals in our approach and available 24 hours to answer all your questions and technical problems.




I was recommended by a friend to Throne Hosting LLC and they got me real good. i was happy and contented with the results i got from them. Timely too.

Noris, Musician

It was a great experience getting to work with the developers and designers from Throne Hosting LLC. They seem very experience, Oriented and very helpful through out my time there. I feel i will always be part of the big family and community they have created there and i loved every time spent with them.

Fred Kinney, Designer

Its been quiet an experience working with throne hosting LLC web development services. They always seem to understand what is in my mind and make it a reality. They are seem to know what they do and i do learn alot from them as well.

Aisha Puta, Business owner

We need a software for our delivery company to keep track our of trucks at all time while on the move. I loved the way they did everything accordingly, timely and in orderly manner. Thank you Throne Hosting LLC.

Laura Piles, Manager

We needed a website to display all our songs and everything about us and selling tickets for our concerts and events and these dudes got us real good. we definetly loved the job and we have many jobs to work with you guys.

Kennedy, Band Member